DMC-cnbm kivay

Industrial Flue Gas Treatment of Coal-Fired Power Plants

With EPC, EP, "transformation + operation and maintenance" and other modes according to the needs of customers, CNBM Kivay is committed to providing industrial partners with clean and sustainable development to provide excellent and economic environmental protection solutions for more efficient, more economical and energy saving industrial flue gas environmental protection technology.
With the concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection" as the center, CNBM Kivay adopts a flexible and suitable cooperation mode (such as EPC/EP/EMC) for the actual situation of thermal power plants of major power groups and local power companies to provide customers with integrated whole-industry chain services and high-quality, highly reliable comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction solutions. Relying on the platform of China building materials group, CNBM Kivay not only has sufficient capital advantages, but also has excellent financing capacity. At the same time, CNBM Kivay has established a good cooperation relationship with major design institutes, cooperated with leading equipment suppliers in the industry in technology, and cooperated with municipal planning institute in heat network construction to ensure the leading level of technology and high efficiency of services.
  • Wet process FGD TECHNOLOGY
The wet desulfurization technology is featured in efficient desulfurization and dust removal, strong adaptability of working condition, low energy consumption and so on.
  • Dry Desulfurization System.
  • Particulate Control-variable channel ESP
  • Particulate Control-New hybrid filter
  • Particulate Control- New vertical wet ESP