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CNBM Kivay international Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the members of China National Building Material Group and it is an ultimate professional platform for international engineering and construction. As a main contractor with global comprehensive strength, CNBM Kivay’s strong service advantages are shown in the aspects of project quality, construction duration, cost control and so on which the customers are most concerned about and it has integrated services from cement project consulting, cement engineering design, technical equipment research and development, equipment manufacturing, equipment complete and supply, civil construction, equipment installation to production line commissioning and the normal and stable operation and spare parts supply and maintenance of the whole process system. Up to now, nearly 30 EPC total package projects have been completed in more than ten countries.
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Engineering& Procurement
CNBM Kivay based on the strong design capability of China National Building Material Group, can provide design services for new advanced dry process cement production lines, including but not limited to mining, water supply and drainage, cement process, electrical and automation, power engineering, heating and ventilation, architecture, structure, general arrangement, transportation, machinery manufacturing, technology economics, budget estimation, safety engineering and other specialties. Business scope involves all over the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America and other countries and regions. At the same time, design services such as upgradation of existing production lines can also be provided. The technical indicators (capacity, fuel consumption, electricity consumption and emissions) of completed cement production lines overseas have reached the international advanced level.
CNBM Kivay has a professional procurement team of overseas EPC project, and work experience of relevant industry is more than 15 years. The procurement business includes all aspects related to both new cement production lines construction and modification of existing lines such as temporary construction facilities, civil construction materials, steel structures, mechanical equipment, electrical and automation equipment. 
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 Projects Consulting
CNBM Kivay owns a rich-experienced and professional-skilled team for engineering consultation and technical services. We offer all-round, one package service and advanced consultation services for owners in both domestic and overseas markets.
Engineering consulting mainly includes: 
  • Market survey and analysis
  • Investment attraction and plan
  • Tendering and bidding consultation and service
  • Assets assessment
  • Site selection of quarry and plant (including construction condition and future plan)
  • Project proposal
  • Project application report (feasibility study)
  • Basic design approximate estimate
  • Compile quantity bill and technical biding documents for imported equipment
  • Test for raw material processability
  • Site technical service
  • Control system design and software programming 
 Upgrading & Modernization
One-Stop systematic optimization solution
Energy saving and environmental protection, Enhancement of production and Productivity
CNBM is committed to provide owners with one-stop optimization of industrial solutions to create and develop the potential to increase profit by specialized upgrading of existing production lines (cement factories, glass factories, steel mills, etc.), further decreasing cost and increasing productivity.
Specialized and professional teams are deployed to implement upgrading projects, such as energy saving, production upgrading and equipment replacement in existing cement plants and industrial plants. CNBM can provide EPC service for complete upgrade projects, including consulting, design, civil engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and commercial operation. Based on CNBM's extensive factory upgrading experience and satisfactory appraisal from global users, we are determined to work with you to realize the win-win development of economic benefits and environmental protection, and look forward to providing you with quality services.
Commercial Mode
  • CNBM Kivay + Value added on productivity, operational effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction improved
  • • CNBM Kivay + world-renowned brand equipment supplier
  • • CNBM Kivay + Domestic premium equipment supplier
Waste heat generation
CNBM Kivay is devoted to the R&D and application of waste heat power generation technology and equipment. We can provide consulting, engineering design, full-set equipment supply, construction and installation and technical services for various waste heat power generation and energy conservation projects. We have extensive experience in waste heat power generation projects in cement plants and glass plants.
Taking the cement industry as an example, the current cement production process requires large amounts of heat and electricity. If the heat in the exhaust gas is recovered and converted into electricity for cement production, the energy consumption for the production of clinker can be reduced by 60%, and the energy consumption for the production of cement can be reduced by more than 30%. This will greatly reduce the electricity that the cement plant needs to purchase from the local power plant or its own power plant to reduce production costs. In addition, it reduces the atmospheric greenhouse effect that may be caused by direct emissions of exhaust gas. At the same time, it also reduces the fuel consumption of power plants that supply power to cement plants and the emissions of combustion gases such as CO2, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
The cement plant/glass plant waste heat power generation system is a project with low investment and quick returns. The implementation of the system can effectively reduce the cost of the factory and thus increase the profitability, while creating considerable social benefits. More and more companies are using this environment-protecting and energy-saving technology and equipment to protect our common green planet.
CNBM is determined to work with you to protect the environment in which we live. We look forward to providing you with quality services.
Techinical service
CNBM Kivay international Engineering Co., Ltd. owns a group of specialists who are engaged in process, quality control, electrical, mechanical, CCR operating etc. Nanjing Kisen Production Preparation Division establishes a whole set of scientific and normalized production commissioning rule and process which offers package solutions against all kinds of problems that occur during erection, commissioning and performance test.
Main business scope:
  • Technical training for production personnel and management personnel
  • Pre-production, commissioning and performance test
  • Provide site consultative services for poor working condition and equipment trouble
  • Undertake management of production line operation