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CNBM Kivay International Engineering Co.,Ltd.

China National Building Materials Group (CNBM) is the world's largest comprehensive building materials industry group, which is state owned, the new building material leading developer and comprehensive service provider in the world. It has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 list for 11 consecutive years, ranking 177th in 2021. By the end of 2020, its total assets were more than 610 billion yuan, its annual business income was more than 390 billion yuan, and its total number of employees was 200,000. 
CNBM Kivay international Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to CNBM Kivay) as the leading industry EPC Contractor is the integrated platform for International Engineering and Construction. CNBM Kivay brings into full play mature experience and advanced technology in complete set equipments, machinery manufacture, building materials. Overseas engineering, light industry and machinery have already achieved significant progress in Asia and Africa.
CNBM Kivay specialized in international engineering and the business covers various sectors, including Cement project, glass project, fiber glass project, gypsum project, energy project, construction project and light industry project etc. Benefiting from great experience of international engineering of contracting project, CNBM has successfully implemented series of engineering projects.
Meanwhile, CNBM Kivay offer worldwide customers various services including investment consultation, risk analysis, new plant design, old plant up-gradation, mine exploration, equipment selections, construction, erection, commissioning, quality control, production management and spare part supply. We have a perfect project team to provide the best service to the customers.
Upholding the philosophy of “Making Best Use of Resources to Serve Construction”, and vigorously carrying out such strategies as “technical innovation”, “internationalization of building materials”, and “building strength with talents”, CNBM Kivay focuses on developing environmental friendly materials and complete set of equipment which supplying premium quality products and services to the urbanization. We make full use of recyclable resources and develop new type of materials so that the building material industry can develop along the environmental-friendly road. That is, to minimize the consumptions of resources and the burden on the ecosystem. 
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