CNBM Cement Business Integration Conference Held in Beijing, Cement Giant with Largest Business Scale in the World and Market Value of Over 100 Billion Yuan Makes New Appearance

Updated:2022-03-15 10:45

On December 11, the business integration conference of CNBM's cement sector was held in Beijing. The integration will give birth to a listed cement giant with the largest business scale in the world and a market value of over 100 billion yuan.


In this integration CNBM Group injects 100% equity of China United Cement Corporation, 99.93% equity of South Cement Company Limited, 95.72% equity of Southwest Cement Company Limited and 100% equity of Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd. into the listed company Xinjiang Tianshan Cement Co., Ltd. (currently it is applying for a name change), all of which are high quality cement enterprises under CNBM Group. The transaction scale reached 98.1 billion yuan, making it the largest assets purchase by share in the history of A-shares. The integration was launched in July 2020, and the additional 7.3 billion new shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2021.


After the completion of integration, Xinjiang Tianshan Cement will have a market value of about 120 billion yuan, with a clinker capacity of about 300 million tons, a commercial concrete capacity of about 400 million cubic meters, and an aggregate capacity of about 150 million tons. It will have 540 legal entities and about 72,000 employees, and the market scope will cover more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in North, East, Central, South, Southwest and Northwest China. It will include 10 integrated companies in cement, commercial concrete and aggregate businesses, and 4 companies specialized in commercial concrete and aggregate and special cement businesses. It will become a cement giant with the largest business scale in the world, a complete industrial chain and a national layout.