Contribute to the “one rocket and five satellites” launch by the Long March 11 rocket at sea

Updated:2022-05-09 09:25

At 11:30 (Beijing time) on April 30, China successfully completed the “one rocket and five satellites” sea launch by using the Long March 11 Y3 rocket in the East China Sea. This is the first time that China completed a “one-stop” launch by carrier rocket at sea, shortening the mission completion period by one-third and reducing transportation costs and potential risks during transportation. The success lays a solid foundation for high-frequency and batch launches at sea in the future. 

During the launch, NorthGlass Co., Ltd., which is under Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd., provided the matching inter-stage separation flame exhaust protection device to protect the internal components from being damaged when the rocket inter-stage separation flame was exhausted. During operation, the overall structure of the protection device is intact, no layered fracture and damage occurs, and the separation ring can be completely separated, which ensures inter-stage separation flame exhaust protection. As the birthplace of China’s FRP/composites industry, NorthGlass Co., Ltd., for the first time in China, used lightweight composite materials for the interstage linear explosion cutting and separation protection device of aerospace vehicle.