CNBM wins seven awards in the 2022 “Institutional Investor” selection

Updated:2022-07-01 10:34

Recently, Institutional Investor, an authoritative international financial magazine, announced the results of the “2022 Asia Executive Team Awards”. CNBM won seven awards in the Basic Materials Sector.


(Most Honored Company)

CNBM won the first place


(Best ESG)

CNBM won the first place


(Best CEO)

Chang Zhangli, executive director and president, won the first place


(Best CFO)

Chen Xue’an, vice president and chief financial officer, won the first place


(Best IR Team)

Investor Relations team won the first place 


(Best IR Program)

Investor relations work won the first place


(Best IR Professionals)

Zeng Xuan, general manager of the secretariat of the board of directors, won the first place for overall performance

Shen Lili, assistant to the general manager of the secretariat of the board of directors, won the first place for the seller category

“Institutional Investor” invites certified analysts, fund managers and researchers from securities companies and financial investment institutions in Asia as judges who comprehensively evaluate Asian listed companies from such dimensions as corporate governance, social responsibility and investor relations. The evaluation is authoritative and highly influential in the global capital market, and acts as a weather vane for the market.

In 2022, a total of 1,612 listed companies and 2,606 management team members from 18 industries participated in the selection event, and 4,854 buy-side investors and 670 sell-side analysts cast their vote. After professional and objective selection, a total of 115 companies won awards, among which 46 companies won the title of “Most Honored Company”.

CNBM emerged victorious in the professional international selection and won many awards - a reflection of the global investors’ approval of CNBM’s performance. In the future, in light of the new situation and new tasks, CNBM will drive growth with innovation, empower development with reform, and promote development through internationalization. CNBM will also make steady progress in building a world-class material company as well as value creation and shareholder returns.